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Fujian Lanfeng Pu Leather Co., Ltd

  • 2003
    Time of establishment

  • 3000万米
    Annual Yield

  • 1.48亿
    Registered Capital

  • 600+
    Number of employees

          Fujian Lanfeng pu leather Co., Ltd. is a large modern synthetic leather manufacturing enterprise, which was set up by the silan group in 2003. It is located in the Jinjiang Economic Development Zone, with a registered capital of 148 million yuan and a total investment of 400 million yuan. There are several synthetic leather production lines and power, chemical recovery, sewage treatment and other supporting facilities. With an annual production capacity of 30 million meters of polyurethane synthetic leather, there are 600 workers and workers. For 12 years, the total production and sales of all kinds of PU synthetic shoe leather and garment leather are about 3600000000 yuan, and all kinds of tax revenue of the country are turned over to 190 million yuan.           

       The company specializes in the research and development, production, sales and service of middle and high grade polyurethane synthetic leather in the field of polymer composite materials. It is a national industrial policy incentive product. The company has the enterprise technology center approved by the provincial and municipal governments, and has 10 national inventions and utility model patents and other independent intellectual property rights. Thick technology research and development ability and development potential. According to the Specialized Committee statistics of synthetic leather synthetic leather of China Plastics Association, the production and sales of polyurethane synthetic leather in our company are ranked in the forefront of domestic industry in 2009-2017 years, and the ecological product certificate issued by the state trademark administration has been awarded.                    

        The company is a national medium-sized industrial enterprise authorized by Fujian Statistical Bureau. It is the leading enterprise in Fujian synthetic leather industry and the core enterprise of Jinjiang industrial cluster. The company participated in the drafting of a number of industry standards such as polyurethane synthetic leather for shoes, and participated in the examination of cleaner production standard -- synthetic leather industry. All kinds of high physical ecotype synthetic leather developed by the enterprise provide high quality and high quality fabrics for many brand sports shoes, clothing and furniture enterprises at home and abroad. Especially in the sports shoes industry, as a number of famous brand sports shoe material suppliers at home and abroad, it has a high reputation and good reputation in the industry. With technological progress and brand development, the company will move towards a higher level on the road of green environmental innovation, making greater contributions to the economic construction of the west coast.

NO.9 Lingan Road,Wuli Industrial Area, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, P.R.China



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